Shipping containers are an effective and safe way to store, contain, and transport goods. Containers are the industry standard for commercial shipping, and have become popular for a variety of uses including secure storage and reapplication as functional buildings.

Concargo offers a variety of container types for sale. We service industrial, commercial, and private users. We also arrange delivery across Canada. “As Is” sales are often available. Our Surveyor expertise means customers can expect the highest standards in the containers we sell. Whether the intended use is “in yard” storage, or international shipping on the high seas, we guarantee all equipment to be wind and water tight, and structurally sound.

Containers are all steel, designed to withstand the rigors of trans-oceanic passage on the decks of ships, and they’re immune from infestation by wood-eating bugs, rodents, and criminals. They can be moved easily, require no foundations or assembly to install, and their modular design means they can be stacked.

Containers can be made into portable studios for mining camps, construction field offices, worker housing, emergency facilities, recreational cabins, and temporary or permanent living quarters.