Why should I get a survey?
There are a number of benefits for a professional survey, but the most obvious is locating and identifying problems that may exist. Whether there’s been damage in transit to the load or the container itself, or you’re interested in purchasing. A survey will present findings and discuss the severity of any problems and what repairs will be required. In some cases a professional survey may be necessary to secure insurance for your shipment.

Does it pay to get a survey?
An experienced ConCargo surveyor will identify problems so that recommend repairs can be made, or in the case of a purchase, you can ask the seller to either repair the problems or reduce the price. (Safety issues are typically considered the responsibility of the seller, with maintenance issues being the responsibility of the buyer.) A survey will give you peace of mind that problems have been identified and that less obvious items, like corrosion were found.

How does a Survey benefit safety and security?
A ConCargo survey addresses safety concerns, deals with security issues and ensures that damage in loading and in transit are prevented by identifying them before they happen.